Life Fitness SM22 Dual Adjustable Pulley

Life Fitness SM22 Dual Adjustable Pulley

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Attract a variety of exercisers, regardless of their fitness goals or skills, with low starting resistance and easy adjustments. This functional unit will Provide you with the ideal functional training tools to help you add more strength to your everyday, real-life activities. The SM22 Gives you the freedom to move limbs independently of one another, one at a time, both at the same time, or use different weights for each limb. If your an athletes you will improve your on-the-field performance; Work-specific exercises will reduce on-the-job injuries; for your active older adults you'll improve performance in activities of daily living.
The Life Fitness SM22 Dual Adjustable Pulley (DAP) weighs about 386 kg and has two weights stacks each weighing 95 kg. Its size is 60’’X 42’’X90’’. The pulley is capable of adjustments from 8’’ to 84’’. Furthermore, it is capable of “below the weight adjustment” which gives the users a chance to select resistance increments of ½ or ¼ lb. If you choose the ¼lb resistance, you could also select as little as 2 ½ lbs of resistance and as more as 47 ½ lbs. Those who choose to start with 2 ½ resistance can make increments of 1¼ lb. The DAP is fully equipped with crossover handles, incremental weight and ankle scraps that makes it ideal for all users. The handles are positioned between adjustable pulleys to accommodate pull-ups placed above the user. We sell this unit in both remanufactured & As-Is condition, so that it will look like it just came off the showroom floor. Not only will it look like new but function like new.


Machine Weight: 810 lbs.
Weight Stacks: 190 lbs.
Height 88 in.
Length 75 in.
Width 48 in.
Pulleys adjust from 8” to 84” high in 4” increments.
An adjustment below the weight stack allows users to select ½ or ¼ of the resistance of the weight indicated on the stack.
With ¼ resistance selected and an increment weight, a user can select as little as 2 ½ lbs. of resistance or as much as 47 ½ lbs. of resistance in 1 ¼ lb. increments. By switching to ½ resistance, users can select from 5 lbs. to 97.5 lbs. of resistance in 2 ½ lb. increments.
Crossover handles, ankle strap and increment weight.
Handles positioned above the user and between adjustable pulleys to accommodate pull-up exercises.

Manufacturer REQUIRES that this product be secured to the floor when used with body weight strap training products to stabilize and eliminate rocking or tipping over.

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