Strength Industry Inc.

Strength Industry provides gyms with the equipment and knowledge needed to fulfill their needs at the right price. Their friendly staff will help inspire, educate and problem solve any situation or concern. They offer the convenience of multiple brands and channels and provide a personal high class experience that helps create life long customer relationships. Determined to be the very best in the business, regardless of the size or pedigree of any friendly competitor. In recent months they have also become one of the industry leaders in acquiring used fitness equipment from some of the top gyms in the United States. This enables Strength Industry to offer their clients a large array of equipment from the industries top manufacturers.  Above all they expect to be a credit to the fitness industry they serve.
Headquartered in Las Vegas Nevada the corporate office is located in Cerritos California. Distribution warehouse located in Cerriotos Ca & Las Vegas NV. International distribution located in Melbourne Australia & Shanghai China.  Strength Industry Inc. is a privately held company. For more information, visit and connect with us.