Cost Cutter Fitness wants to help you get fit in the comfort of your own home.  Its really tough to make an excuse not to work out when you have a nice commercial style gym in your home. 

     People want their space, don't want to deal with crowds, hate the idea of swapping sweat with a dozen strangers, people who can't stand fancy commercial gyms which ban chalk, good music and any type of training that might be considered useful. Ultimately, this is for people who love training, whether it's for bodybuilding, power lifting or sport we want to directly aid your efforts

      If you sound like me, you might be the perfect candidate for your own home gym. If you have the dedication, an investment of cash and space we can help you hit your goals. Divert dollars from your extra vehicle and invest in something you'll use every day to better yourself. Invest in your own gym.


     Cost Cutter Fitness is here to help you out and offer important safety tips. Before we even talk shop, visualize and choose your space. Ideally, you'll have free reign to affect your gym's look, feel, and sound. We can happily lay out a sample gym if given measurements to ensure we utilize the space to its max potential.
     Important note: I want you to really think about the space you have, what will fit and what your training for.  Most people don't have a 2,000sqft space to build a full commercial gym so every item counts especially if your utilizing an extra bedroom or sacrificing your garage.  It's also important to have patience. A gym is something you can build over time, starting with the essentials. Contact us today so we can cater to your needs and assist you in building your dream gym.

"Stay Positive & Commit to be Fit"