Hotel / Spa Fitness Room and Gyms

     When you splurge on a luxury hotel, you expect a lot of things such as lobster on the room service menu, Egyptian cotton sheets on the bed but a fully equipped gym isn’t one of them. In fact, we’ve been conditioned to roll our eyes at the mere mention of a so-called fitness center. However fitness does seem to be on everyone's mind when traveling.  When you think about it its very easy to indulge in food and drinks that you would normally pass on but the old saying "when in Rome" grabs us by the horns and almost commands us to indulge!   Once the damage is done your somewhat consumed with guilt for that large piece of cheesecake you just wolfed down.  This is where Cost Cutter Fitness comes into play.  We specialize in building fully customizable commercial fitness facilities that you're guests can enjoy and use to minimize the damage so to speak.

     If your hotel or spa is equipped with dumbbells that top out at 50 pounds, exercise equipment is usually limited to a creaky ol' treadmill, a half-inflated Swiss ball, and a laughable ab device of indeterminate origin then its time to invest in your business and guests.  Unfortunately most hotels/spa's don't have 8,000sqft to dedicate to a wellness center so its time to get creative and utilize the space given and build the ultimate training facility. We cater to all needs and have experience in building customized gyms at hotels all over the world.  This day in age people are more aware of the importance to take care of ourselves.  From eating right to exercising people are more educated on what it takes to live a healthy lifestyle.  


Cost Cutters Fitness Custom Gym Hotel Fitness Room

     This global trend of living a healthy life style can often lead to the selection process of choosing a hotel narrowed down to who has the better equipped wellness facility.  Cost Cutter Fitness can assist you in creating a state of the art commercial gym that will aid in acquiring new customers and naturally build guest retention.   At our high tech facility our engineers customize the equipment to your needs.  From the color of the frames to the upholstery and throwing your logo on the equipment the possibilities are endless.  Fitness minded travelers are rapidly growing so be prepared for what lies ahead and contact a Cost Cutter Fitness team member today.


"Stay Positive and Commit to be Fit"