Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Can you provide me with equipment regardless of how big or small the project is?

A: We cater to gym enthusiast getting a single treadmill for their home and also assist gym owners in putting together entire gyms.  Yes, no job is too small or too big.


Q: I just purchased a complex piece of strength equipment from Cost Cutter Fitness that will need to be assembled, do you guys provide assistance for such jobs or do I need to get a separate contractor for that?

A: Contact your sales professional to go over the specifics & rates.  We have highly qualified certified professionals that we work with that can assist you.


Q: I noticed you guys are in Los Angeles, CA but I'm trying to build a gym out on the east coast, are we able to work together? 

A: We sell and ship fitness equipment all over this Great Nation.  We also cater to international clients who are looking to start or expand a gym. Please call or email us today and one of our friendly, helpful and knowledgeable professional sales representatives will gladly assist you. Our toll free number is: 888-509-9089 or email us at


Q: I just purchased a re-manufactured unit from you guys and need service work done, am I under warranty?

A: Yes, all of our re-manufactured units we sell are covered under our standard warranty (view our warranty page for details).  We also have extended warranties available, please contact your sales professional for assistance.


Q: There is an error reading on a unit I purchased from you, do you offer phone or email support?

A: Repairs and maintenance of your equipment is all part of our service.  The engineers who re-manufactured the equipment for you take great pride in their work and continually strive for nothing short of perfection.  In most cases a error code reading can be trouble shoot over the phone with the assistance from one of the engineers.  If we are unable to resolve the issue over the phone we have trained staff members as well as certified techs we can connect you with; you will never be left high and dry.  We continually work with all the same certified techs as the manufacturers do to repair and maintain your equipment.  


Q: I just purchase an elliptical for my home and would like a users manual, can you mail me a hard copy?

A: We will gladly email you a PDF copy of the machines manual but don't have any hard copy's available.  You can also download copy's directly from most manufacturers websites.


Q: I'd like to train at Cost Cutter Fitness, do you offer memberships?

A: Were in the business of re-manufacturing, servicing, renting and selling commercial grade fitness equipment.  We do however build gyms globally so let us know where your located and chances are good we put together a gym in your area and can connect you with the sales managers.


Q: My doctor recommended that I use a stationary bike for rehabilitation purposes, can I rent equipment from you guys for a few months?

A: Absolutely, we can rent it out on a month to month basis and even help deliver it right to your front door.  We rent all sorts of equipment out for rehab, commercials and movie projects.  Contact one of our friendly sales professionals for terms and rates.


Q: Why does the machine I purchased from you feel different then the one I use at the gym? Its the same exact machine but it feels a little tight.

A: When the engineers re-manufacture the units they replace all the hardware, belts and bushings bringing it to a like new condition.  The units need to be broken in before the components begin to break in and loosen up.  The machines your using at the gym are being used and abused all day every day so naturally they are broken in and loosened up for you.  In general it takes roughly a month for a unit to break in at a home setting so long as the home owner is using the machine on a regular basis.


Q: I noticed that most of your products are larger then my front door entry to the house.  Can you assist me in taking the unit apart so it fits through the door?

A: Please contact our friendly, helpful and knowledgeable sales professionals to inquire about the details and rates pertaining to the white glove delivery service needed.  If we know what to expect prior to arriving we can come prepared with the tools and extra man power if need be.  


Q: Can I get a discount for ordering an entire gym?

A: We offer bulk discounts and take pleasure in catering to gym owners.  We understand that there are a lot of there things to worry about pertaining to putting a gym together so Cost Cutter Fitness alleviates the stress associated with the equipment side of things.  From the initial order to the full installation, we'll take care of you from start to finish.  Please contact one of our sales reps at 888-509-9089 or email at


Q: I purchased a treadmill for my home and noticed its equipped with a different plug, can I get a standard one shipped out?

A: Because we sell commercial grade fitness equipment its equipped with a 110 V plug which has a toppled "T" prong/socket on the right side of the plug/outlet which depicts an electrical circuit dedicated to 110 V/20 amp in order to function properly and receive adequate amperage to power the machine. Please contact a local electrician to install the necessary requirements to power your unit.