Cost Cutter Fitness CPO Program

The Cost Cutter Fitness' CPO  program was created to satisfy the equipment needs of our health conscious customers, Cost Cutter Fitness offers select used gym equipment that has been restored to original factory specifications. We've built a brand second to none.

CCF's certified re-manufactured programs are based on strict qualification guidelines and comprehensive product inspections that are designed to give our customers the chance to purchase top quality products at a very competitive price with confidence.

The equipment and supplies available through this program have been pre-selected from Cost Cutter Fitness's inventory of used products based on strict eligibility criteria that include performance history and low meter counts.  Every certified used product selected undergoes a rigorous inspection by highly skilled certified technicians.  Based upon the actual meter count of the machine, all units are either reconditioned or completely re-manufactured to not only look like new but function like new as well. 

Certified technicians apply an extensive cleaning and re-manufacturing process to each machine, replacing all high wear components and adjusting units back to original factory specifications.  Panels are repainted to give the unit a new appearance. Frames and handrails are sandblasted and powder coated as well.  Motors, alternators and other electric modules are factory rebuilt.  Wear parts and components are replaced with brand new parts. 



Cost Cutter Fitness Certified Process Details 

  •   Chassis Tear Down and Cleaning: Before delivery to the production area, all equipment undergoes a disassembly and cleaning process.  Panels are removed and undergo repair and refinishing.  Major sub assemblies such as motors, rollers, electronics, etc. are removed from the main frame.  After disassembly, both the chassis and sub compnents of each machine are cleaned using an air dust removal technique followed by hand cleaning.  Once cleaned, the chassis and associated sub assemblies are sent  to the painting facility for sandblasting and fresh powder coating (a baked paint process same as brand new from manufacturer) and staged for movement to the production line where it awaits to be addressed by the engineers and certified technicians.


  • Initial Production Stage: Upon entering the production area each machine and its respective sub-assemblies are further disassembled and cleaned.  New parts and certain factory modifications are installed.  Static adjustments such as clearances, belt tensions etc. are made.  After the completion of work in a given station the unit or sub-assembly undergoes a process audit before traveling to the next process.  Checklists are then gone over to ensure that critical adjustments and assembly points are performed properly, avoiding problems later in the process or in the field.  


  • Final Production Stage:  The reassembled unit is powered up and initial testing begins.  Activities in this area include electric troubleshooting and adjustment, performance quality and integrity testing and final assembly of items such as panels and labels, decals & stickers.  During this final production stage an engineer will run and use the machine as its intended for in the field to address adjustment that need to be made and fix any anomalies that may surface which are then corrected. 


  • Final Inspection: After release from the production area the quality control team inspects all the equipment.  This is a three step process involving careful visual inspection of cosmetic appearance so the units are guaranteed to look like new.  The second step involves a review of general operations and running/testing the machines to observe any mechanical problems.  The final physical testing and quality inspection is conducted and the units are moved into the staging area where it awaits shipment.