Cost Cutter Fitness CPO Ellipticals

Engineers carefully disassemble and diagnose every elliptical using a meticulous bullet point quality checklist.  We deliver fully assembled, remanufactured ellipticals from all the industries top manufactures ready for your immediate use.  The process for Cost Cutter Fitness' CPO (Certified Pre-Owned) products involves completely rebuilding used fitness equipment to ensure that it retains the same high quality that the fitness industry has come to expect from brand-new machines. Each unit is completely dismantled and undergoes an extensive 20+ multi-point inspection by Cost Cutter Fitness certified technicians.  To ensure we meet our high level of standards we run through the inspection once the units have been re-manufactured and once again prior to each unit shipping out to one of our valued customers.

 Certified Pre-Owned 20+ Sophisticated Quality Elliptical Checklist:

  1. Elliptical is run through a full diagnosis 
  2. Machine is stripped down to the bare frame
  3. Frame is powder coated, primmered, painted & baked.
  4. Handrails and other important parts are stripped clean of dirt and grime.
  5. New bearings are installed
  6. New drive belts are installed
  7. Elevation motor is rebuilt or replaced (when applicable)
  8. Elevation brackets are rebuilt or replaced (when applicable)
  9. New ramp covers are installed (when applicable)
  10. New bushings are installed (when applicable)
  11. Fly wheel tested, checked and balanced
  12. Electronics thoroughly diagnosed and repaired or replaced.
  13. Computer console / overlay is replaced
  14. Covers are repainted or replaced (when applicable)
  15. Arm covers are repainted or replaced (when applicable)
  16. New handrail grips are installed
  17. Alternator is rebuilt or replaced
  18. Alternator brushes are replaced
  19. Misc. hardware is replaced
  20. New decals are applied all around
  21. End caps are replaced
  22. Heart rate grips are replaced
  23. Thorough Testing through programs and manual modes


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