Corporate Wellness

     Corporate wellness brings people together to share in the joy of health and fitness. By investing in the health of your employees they become more productive, loyal, less likely to make errors and save you money in relation to a decrease in sick days.  On average every dollar invested in a corporate wellness program yields roughly $3-$4 through a decrease in sickness, your less likely to make errors, higher productivity and decreased health cost.  

     Approximately 79 out of 100 top companies in the US utilize a corporate wellness program.  Cost Cutter Fitness will work methodically on creating a wellness center that's tailored to each and every business its partnered up with.  There is no one size fits all approach to both the programs we tailor to each need nor are there two fitness facility alike.  To provide coast-to-coast and world-wide coverage, we contract with local wellness companies, physicians, heavily accredited fitness experts and doctors as necessary.   We carefully review the qualifications and quality control of all providers to ensure the highest level of service available.  




     Did you know there is a full week dedicated to corporate wellness?  If there is a national pancake day then corporate wellness certainly deserves a full week of celebration.  Initiated by the (AHA) American Heart Association, the US House of Representatives passed a resolution that designates the first week of April as "National Workplace Wellness Week"     

     Health management isn't always the easiest task for a company to keep track of but Cost Cutter Fitness makes it easy. We believe in the power of social interactions and peer motivation to drive healthier, happier employee behaviors, and we stand behind the impact of our solution. Contact us today and find out how a corporate wellness program can work for you.


"Stay Positive & Commit To Be Fit"