Community Wellness Center

     Your wellness center serves the entire community and we want the complex to be a place that welcomes, exemplifies and honors the important work that takes place there. There is an opportunity for us to build a new wellness center or make changes to the existing facility that would transform the place where your community comes to train, condition their bodies and improve their overall health.


     Cost Cutter Fitness has teamed up with some industry health professionals to offer the support needed to educate both beginners and advance health advocates.  We take pride in changing and enriching the lives of others. Part of our mission which is also integrated with our brand is to make this a healthier world one person and wellness facility at a time.  Please take a moment to speak with one of our health professionals, we'd be happy to help!


Available Mon-Fri 8am - 5pm PST

Toll free: 888-509-9089