"Kung Hei Fat Choy"!

Chinese New Year begins today. It is a centuries old holiday and gains significance because of several myths and traditions. Chinese New Year 2015 will begin the latest Year of the Goat. According to Chinese Zodiac, there are many ways "Goats" can have good health for the year 2015.
People born in the year of the Goat are said to be serene and calm, therefore they tend to have fewer health problems. If goat people are in mental and emotional good spirits, this should have a positive effect on their physical health. Eating fresh and organic produce, and eliminating red meat from their diet when possible, is an effective way to keep healthy. They should get out among nature and commune with the great outdoors. Fresh air, trees, and sunshine will all do wonders for their health. Goat people should have a regular schedule for meals and keep their sleep and waking times consistent.
In 2015 Goats will tend to have good health, although they will suffer from slight illnesses occasionally, such as headaches. They should prepare some medicine before traveling very far, especially at a turn of the seasons. They should watch their diets, get sufficient rest, and do more exercise in order to boost their body's resistance against diseases.
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"Get Fit or Die Trying"

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