Happy Presidents Day From Cost Cutter Fitness

"With Self-Discipline Most Anything Is Possible"
-Theodore Roosevelt
This quote from our 26th President can apply to many aspects of life, even to our overall health. Self-discipline is very important no matter what healthy goal your trying to attain. If your trying to eat healthier, you'll have to have discipline to avoid pitfalls in your daily life, such as the vending machine at work or the morning donuts that were brought in by a co-worker. If you want to layout a personal workout plan, you might have to have the discipline to get up early, build up stamina, or start a workout session after a long day at work. It takes a lot of self-discipline to not only start a healthy regimen, but to follow it and make it last. 
Whatever the case may be, this is a wonderful quote to go back on for inspiration. After all, we should want to achieve these personal goals for ourselves, not for someone else. So, we must keep ourselves accountable and disciplined. 

"Get Fit or Die Trying"

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