Lemon Does A Body Good

      Lemons are little vitamin C bombs.  An easy way to get your daily dose is through lemon water.  Squeeze a whole lemon into a cup of water (hot or cold) and guzzle it down, or slowly sip on it throughout the day.  There are many amazing benefits to this short and easy refreshment.
     As I stated earlier it provides a great source of vitamin C.  This is great for giving our body the immune boost i needs to assist in staying in good health.  When were staying active and working out with low vitamin C levels little to no repair happens in the body.  These Citrus bombs are also high in potassium which stimulates the brain and nerve function.  Additional benefits are more energy, clearer skin, anti-aging properties, less sickness, less stress, aids in weight loss, improves digestion and will keep you better focused not to mention they make any refreshment extra refreshing.

"Get Fit or Die Trying"

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