Precor AMT 100i - Versatile, Dynamic, Stimulating, Unique & On Sale!

We want you to utilize the Precor AMT to its full potential.  Changing up your routine and keeping your body guessing is a great way to stay on point.  The Adaptive Motion Trainer (AMT®) with Open Stride™ fits virtually everyone regardless of size and provides an effective low-impact workout. This single piece of equipment fully engages exercisers of all fitness levels with an infinite range of stride paths to create a uniquely effective low-impact workout, making every workout a personalized experience. The Precor AMT provides exercisers boundless cardio variety without the need to change machines.  Precor AMT is designed to not only work your body, but also your imagination. Go from short strides to long strides, walking to running, then into deep lunges, on-the-fly. The Precor AMT gives you the freedom to create a challenging and completely unique workout every time. 
     This unique machine along with our other ellipticals and cross trainers are on special for the month of Sep.  Contact us now and We'll deliver any elliptical or cross trainer to your home for free! Limited time offer!

"Get Fit or Die Trying"

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