"if it aint broke why fix it?

When it comes to the latest fitness trends it seems that old school fitness equipment is still the go-to-weapon of choice.  There's no denying the effectiveness of these great pieces of old school fitness equipment and sales show that the general public agree.  "if it ain't broke why fit it?" Old school fitness equipment has stood the tests of time because it works.  The exercises that are possible with treadmills, ellipticals, steppers and bikes are wonderfully effective no matter what a users level of ability is.  Although the use of old school fitness equipment is now equipped differently it is reassuring to see that these great training tools are still doing a wonderful job and generating results for all users.  In the beginning it was mind blowing just to see a treadmill track your time and calories burned but this technological day in age watching your favorite TV show, surfing the net, checking your email and even having a built in personal trainer tell you what to do is the norm.      
As far as each machine is built all the units we carry are designed for commercial gyms.  The equipment and supplies available have all endured the tests of time.  Our certified CPO program not only preserves some of our oldie but goodie models but were being responsible in taking care of our planet.  Were keeping thousands of pounds of what would potentially be land filling scrap medal and giving them a complete haul over from the inside out.  Thank you for supporting our cause and doing your part in preserving this world for the next generation to come.

"Get Fit or Die Trying"

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