How To Make Each Other Sweat On The First Date!

Sweat isn't typically associated with first dates but here's a workout that'll allow you to lift weights together and challenge one another.  Back in late June we wrote an article about the importance of having a good training partner and now were following it up with a workout tip that's date worthy.  Before reading on please try and use caution while enjoying this gym date.  Don't try to show off and let your ego get the best of you and try to ignore the mirror and just enjoy the moment.





CCF Strength Training Circuit Date:

This is a fun routine in which you each pick two moves and both do all four.  This will allow you to not only lift together but at your own speed.  For each workout do as many reps as possible in 60 seconds and go through the motions until you've hit the 15 minute mark.  Its tough when your both constantly hoping from one machine to another but try to keep track of how many reps you each do on every exercise during the first go around.  Once round two begins it'll give you leverage to push each other to improve!




"Get Fit or Die Trying"

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