Globally One Billion People Are Considered Over Ideal Weight

With the obesity epidemic that is currently going on in the United States, fitness and weight loss has been growing in popularity, if safe to say its becoming an obsession, for Americans. The rate of obesity grew steadily from 1987 to 2007 and all states except Colorado consider at least one fifth of their population obese. Sadly over 72 million Americans, or one third of the population of the United States, are considered clinically obese. Globally One billion people are considered over ideal weight.
Because of the great desire by many Americans to lose weight, and the difficulty it poses, there is a lot of room for potential fraudulent practices in the field. The Food and Drug Administration has had to crack down on a number of products being pedaled which make false and unsustainable claims about weight loss effects. These fraudulent practices have led to skepticism by the American public to believe claims made by weight loss programs.  Americans have dropped out of these plans at high rates. 
Cardio is and always will be the cornerstone to proven weight loss. We often discuss iinterval training, where you alternate going as fast as possible with brief periods of recovery. To help you make those sprints as effective as possible. You know cardio is important for weight loss, but which machines are best and how much time do you have to invest  for weight loss?  The truth is, there really is no best cardio exercise. The best activity is the one you'll do on a regular basis. So, finding something you like is critical to reaching your weight loss goals. With that being said I urge you to reach out to us and contact our knowledgeable to help determine which machine will help you reach your goals.
"Get Fit or Die Trying"

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