The importance of having a good training partner

"When I train alone I have a tendency to cut corners" sound familiar?  With a partner you have someone there to make sure you stay on track.  This means no cheats, no frills and no crap.  
Having a motivating exercise partner can increase the chance that you will reach your fitness goals. Just like having a personal trainer--who can provide encouragement and motivation, monitor your progress, add variety, and make exercising more fun.

We've all had those days when we find any excuse not to exercise. When you plan to exercise alone, it's easy to make an excuse to skip a day of working out. But if you have a pre-planned appointment with a friend this increases the chance that you will stick to your workout plans. Knowing you're going to let someone else down if you cancel may encourage you to fight through fatigue and stick to the plan. Having someone to workout with means fewer excuses and more accountability.
If you have a workout buddy, you can challenge each other; help each other out, and keep each other motivated to stay on track.  An exercise partner who encourages you to add more weight, do additional repetitions or run one more mile will help you increase your fitness goals.  
Good training partner qualities:
  • Prompt
  • Knows how to spot
  • Disciplined
  • Motivating
  • Good communication skills
  • Similar strength levels

Having a committed and supportive exercise buddy will not only make exercising more fun; it will also help increase the probability that you will reach your fitness goals.

"Get Fit or Die Trying"

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