Today's Tuesday Tip...Time!

The most used excuse people give for not working out? Probably the same one you used last...lack of time. Today's Tuesday tip is how anyone can manage a workout into their daily lives. So read on and get to work with these sneaky daily workouts.
Daily workout #1: The Commute
Whether it's to work, school or the grocery store, make double use of the commute. Walk, jog or run if you can. Even biking or getting off the bus a few stops earlier, or park the car farther away to get some extra walking in.
Daily workout #2: The Early Riser
This is an especially good practice if you don't particularly like working out. You get it out of the way first thing in the morning, and it will make you feel better and more energized all day. You'll even find yourself making better eating choices throughout the day. Finding it hard to get up earlier? Try gradually setting your alarm by 10 minutes each day and squeezing in a small workout each time until you have enough time to complete your entire workout. Also, wearing your workout clothes to sleep may help keep excuses away in the morning.
Daily workout #3: The Lunch Break Workout
Is it possible to walk to get your lunch? Or eat on the go? If you are fortunate enough to get an entire hour for your lunch break, that's plenty of time to do some kind of workout. Although going to the gym and getting an entire workout session done may not be realistic for most, anything is better than sitting at your desk and eating while surfing the net.
Daily workout #4: Multitasking 
These days, so much can be done on the internet via a phone or tablet. If you can get work done this way, or by reading some old fashion paperwork, do it while your working out. Hop on a treadmill or an elliptical and keep your body moving while your getting your work done. Even if you have calls to make, you can walk at a light pace.
Daily workout #5: Make it a date
Outside of our busy work life, we all like to set aside some time for socializing as well. Whether it's a friend, family or spouse, it is important to spend quality time with those we love. Why not help each other stay healthier while your visiting? Instead of sitting at the movies and going to happy hour, try going to the gym together or taking a jog. A bike ride can also be a fun activity to do with multiple friends. And after your hard workout, go out to a juice bar or a healthy cafe.
Now that you've got 5 good reasons to NOT miss your workout, use these excuses to workout and stay healthy.
"Get Fit or Die Trying"

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