Lose Weight and Tone Your Body with Exercise Bike Interval Training

Exercise bike interval training is an effective and simple way to lose weight and get in shape. In fact, numerous studies have concluded that using interval training while on a stationary bike is one of the most efficient ways to trim and tone. It burns anywhere from 15% to 50% more calories than simply keeping a steady, aerobic pace.
Interval training is simply a method of exercise that combines short bursts of high intensity exercise with more moderate exercise. You can apply interval training to almost any form of workouts, but an exercise bike is particularly well suited to it because you can easily regulate your speed and there is little chance of injury because you're in a seated position. 
There are several benefits to interval workouts:
  • It improves overall health and fitness by providing a good cardio workout and improving heart and lung function
  • It temporarily increases the heart rate and contributes to heart health
  • It burns calories more efficiently than a steady workout
  • Almost anyone can do an interval workout if they have a stationary bike. You can start with intense exercise for 10 seconds followed by a 45 second recovery. Gradually increase the length of time for the intense phase until you're pushing yourself for up to 25 seconds during the intense phase, keeping the recovery phase at 45 seconds. After you've hit the maximum for the intense intervals, gradually work yourself back down to the 10 second interval. Repeat the workout after a two to three minute rest, doing the workout a total of three to five times.

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